Proof of Parentage Test – 12-Pack


Buy a dozen and save nearly 13%! Only $27.92 each plus a reasonable $7.55 shipping fee for USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days delivery). 

The perfect, affordable DNA test for certifying the puppies of your registered dams and sires!

Please note that this is not a Breed Identification test for mixed breed dogs. Rather, this is a dog DNA parentage test used by breeders to certify the puppies of registered dams and sires!


Proof of Parentage Test – 12-Pack

Features and Benefits

Promote your dogs and your business:

• Provide DNA-Certified pedigreed dogs to your customers
• Market your dogs as DNA parentage-verified
• Show your commitment to customer satisfaction

Manage Your Information:

• Build future pedigrees automatically from data stored online
• List puppies for sale online
• Post stud dogs or other breeder services

Preserve Your Records:

• Private, secure online records
• Store sales data, breeding histories, dog profiles and photos, customer contact information and more
• DNA Test and enter profile just once per dog – never have to retest a dam or sire

How Many Tests Do I Need to Purchase?

You will need to purchase:
• one test for the dam
• one for each potential sire
• and one for each puppy.

For example, if you have a litter of five puppies and two potential sires, you will need a total of eight tests – one for the dam + two for the sires + five for the puppies. After your dams and sires have been tested and are in the database, you only need to purchase Proof of Parentage tests for subsequent puppies.

Proof of Parentage – more information and details.


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