Wisdom Panel 4.0


Unfold the Secrets of Your Dog’s DNA



Wisdom Panel 4.0 Dog DNA Test

Unfold the Secrets of Your Dog’s DNA

WISDOM PANEL is the world’s leading DNA test for dogs. Our database includes 250+ breeds, types and varieties—the largest number on the market—making us not only accurate and reliable, but trusted by more than 850,000 pet parents the world over. In addition to breed identification, your customized, online report will provide you with:

• Percentage breakdown of breeds and breed groups found in your dog
• A detailed family tree going back three generations
• Extensive information about each breed and breed group found
• A predicted weight profile
• Potentially life-saving drug sensitivity screening for MDR1
• Results for Exercise-induced Collapse screening
• A genetic trait analysis
• The ability to share your results with your veterinarian
• A unique discount code to share with friends or family!