• Proof of Parentage Test 6-pack dog breeder test

Proof of Parentage Test – 6-Pack

$149.70 $135.00

Buy six and save over 10%! Only $22.50/each plus a reasonable $6.00 shipping fee for USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days delivery). 

The perfect, affordable DNA test for certifying the puppies of your registered dams and sires!

Promote your dogs and your business:

  • Provide DNA-Certified pedigreed dogs to your customers
  • Market your dogs as DNA parentage-verified
  • Show your commitment to customer satisfaction

Manage Your Information:

  • Build future pedigrees automatically from data stored online
  • List puppies for sale online
  • Post stud dogs or other breeder services

Preserve Your Records:

  • Private, secure online records
  • Store sales data, breeding histories, dog profiles and photos, customer contact information and more
  • DNA Test and enter profile just once per dog – never have to retest a dam or sire

Proof of Parentage specifications and details.